Hamilton's response Schumi About Comeback

Lewis Hamilton welcomed the return of Michael Schumacher to F1 arena. Hamilton is a world champion in 2008 had always wanted to look strong against the seven-time world champion from Germany's.

"It's great Michael back in action in the F1 arena. He is a legend and also a good person. I'm glad he can come back to opportunities to do the best job in the world, race on the F1 arena," Hamilton said as quoted by GP UpDate.

"I used to watch him race. It was my hope is to race with him."

Michael Schumacher has signed a contract to defend the Mercedes Grand Prix next season. German driver's contract with a German team only lasted one year.

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Asep sukarman said...

Im come back my dear frind,nice site...N thanks for ur great visit. Have a nice day. Glad to be here

ireng_ajah said...

Kita tunggu aksi comebacknya Schumi

subandi sukses said...

jelas kemampuannya dan kita tunggu pembuktian ulangnya

yugopbg said...

wow siap nih liat actionnya lg... welcome back...

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