Alonso Learning from Bad Experience 2007

Fernando Alonso will make the bitter experience with McLaren in 2007 as a lesson in this season, when he became one of Ferrari's.

In 2007, Alonso has decreased quite drastic achievement. After becoming world champion Formula One (F1) in the previous two years, from the Spanish driver had to settle instead in third under Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton.

"2007 is a difficult time but I can learn from it. This will help my career because I grew when he joined the McLaren, "Alonso explained.

"I learned how to work with the team and also to face the pressure from the media. I'm having problems posed by the team and the media. Now I am better prepared to deal with Formula One, and also menghadpi life, "he continued.

After failing at McLaren, Alonso docked back into the Renault team in 2008. Together the team has ever brought into that world champion, his performance was even more decreased. In 2008 Alonso was in a position only five big and sag into the season ranked ninth in the race last year.

Along with Ferrari, Alonso predicted to be able to compete with drivers on board. In a trial session held in early February F1 ago in Catalonia circuit, Alonso had shown tajinya by becoming the fastest.

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