This is the New Face Trek Silverstone 2010

Organized by the British Grand Prix at Silverstone announced a change of track that will be used in Formula 1 season 2010 season.
Actually, this track changes designed to MotoGP, but when he got back the rights Silverstone Grand Prix F1 implementation, following the withdrawal of Donington Park, this change was eventually used also for F1.
Formula 1 Management Party had approved changes in the track named Arena Grand Prix British Grand Prix's for this season.
"This new design is to accommodate the safety rules for MotoGP, but the design, we also consider four-wheel racing," said the manager director of Silverstone, Richard Phillips.
"We are very careful, involving F1 and MotoGP, to develop Silverstone so much better than the drivers and spectators," he continued.
This new circuit will pass the Abbey through the S-shaped curve and toward a new arena complex, before returning to the national track and join existing tracks in the Brooklands area. The cars are no longer passed the corner Bridge and Priory, in the hope of increasing overtaking opportunities.
"Some people will miss watching the cars accelerate past the Bridge, but we have to make changes and create new experiences," said Phillips. "New layout will provide a new dimension at Silverstone, the new challenge for the drivers and provide an opportunity for viewers to come closer to the their actions."
"This year full of challenges for us, where F1, MotoGP and World Superbike Championship held at Silverstone, and I can not wait to see how the drivers deal with this circuit," he continued.
This revision will make the track longer Silverstone 760 meters, and is expected to increase an average lap four seconds longer.
Processing circuit this arena far enough. The first race will be held there is a World Championship GT1 1-2 Mei. Silverstone is currently designing the pit and paddock area only in the area between Club and Abbey, which plans to use 2011 season.

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