Ferrari: Schumacher Enemy We now, not my friend!

Michael Schumacher Ferrari officially left for Mercedes GP. Although claiming not over Schumacher, Ferrari ready to put all the ability to defeat him.

Today, Michael Schumacher was involved in the GP2 race car development and prepare for return to Formula1, after leaving Ferrari.

Ferrari team director, Stefano Domenicali, admitted if the departure of the legendary leave scars in the hearts of the fans, but he asked them to keep remembering Schumi services.

"He decided to accept this challenge, so I think he still has the confidence to succeed, we already knew that when asked to replace Massa after the accident," said Domencicalli.

"But now he has become our rivals and we'll put all our strength to defeat it, as we did as well against other teams, while for the whole team, his decision to give extra motivation," he added.

Domenicali confident, as his side are still not able to let go of his departure, Schumacher also felt the same.

"We still can not imagine he was wearing a helmet other than the usual red helmet he was wearing when she was still with us, so I'm sure he also still having trouble forgetting our partnership," added Domenicali

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