Wow, Mancini Allow Man City player draft alcohol

If the coaches do not want players to drink, another case with Roberto Mancini. Mancio actually allow players to drink before the Manchester City game.

Tottenham Hotspur coach Harry Redknapp imposed a ban on drinking alcohol 48 hours before the game. Arsenal Arsene Wenger architects and even monitor the players with a urine test.

If the other coach tight, Mancini just the opposite. Former Inter Milan coach was very surprised to know there are no alcoholic beverages on the dining table before the game.

"I found I was in a different world and I am trying to adapt without changing the existing rules. Let me give an example. Food before the game, I will face it calmly, "Mancini said as quoted SunSport.

"For example you need the chicken, pizza, carbohydrates, segelar even wine, but it has nothing on the table," he concluded.

Mancini then turned his attention to striker Emmanuel Adebayor. The Italian will not be forced Adebayor to quickly return to Manchester following the shooting incident bus Togo national team ahead of the 2010 African Cup of Cabinda, Togo.

"Because he's just been through some crazy drama. I can imagine how surprised you if a group of terrorists bombard your bus with bullets and your teammates on the floor, "he explained.

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