Tiger Woods Go Sex Clinic in Cape Town

World number one golfer Tiger Woods is humiliated by his sex scandal was reported to undergo counseling to treat his sex addiction at a clinic in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tiger Woods did not appear in public, after a sex scandal involving 14 women pushed to the surface, November years ago.

Some beautiful women, including porn star named ML Hollywood with her husband of Elin Nordegren and threatened household now disbanded.

A source was quoted as saying by The Sun reveals the bloody Thai golfers are now located in South Africa until the end of the news media and some people claim, met with Tiger Woods in Cape Town.

Woods, said the treatment to overcome his sex addiction in Montrose Place is located in the city center, Bishopscourt, where Elin has decided to divorce with her husband prepared it.

Elin who has two children of his marriage with Tiger Woods said he 100% will end their marriage because Tiger Woods refused to go to the clinic for treatment of sex addiction.

One Montrose Place staff not to comment whether Woods was in their facility and just say, "Montrose Place has the best facilities and reputation, no matter the situation. No patient names will be mentioned, "

Since this sex scandal broke out, Tiger Woods has lost its main sponsor, Accenture, Gillette, Gatorade and Tag Heuer, meaning he would lose billions of money if the deal is not updated anymore.

Elin can get half of Tiger Woods wealth worth 337 million pounds if divorced with world number one golfer is. [

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Kian Coi said...

makin ribet aja nih...oya yach hampir sama tuch dengan artikel aq wanita wanita simpanan tiger woods

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