Dzeko Select Milan, Ancelotti ambition vanished in the Middle Way

Ambition Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti AC Milan discomfit hook Wolfsburg striker Edin Dzeko unlikely to succeed, after this Bosnian striker Rossoneri if I chose to move from the Bundesliga.

Earlier, the Blues want Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero, but because the Argentine striker was reluctant to reduce his salary, the deal was finally canceled.

And once again, Ancelotti wants Dzeko, but unfortunately lost quickly with the Milan Serie A giants which are already one step ahead of where Milan are ready to transfer 20 million pounds, including defender Marek Jankulovski and Kakha Kaladze.

Also draw attention Dzeko Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal, but does not cover Dzeko ambition to play with Milan, and according to his agent, Silvano Martino, Milan players to pick favorites.

"I can declare Milan players loved it. For the time being in Italy, they are the best club shows interest. But to note, Chelsea Dzeko also follow developments, "said Silvano as quoted from The DailyMail.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are also reportedly targeting Everton midfielder, Marouane Fellaini, as recognized by the father Fellaini.

"He was selected as man of the match three times in his last five games. Big clubs saw him look good, so he followed Chelsea. Marouane owned by a top club and will only get better, "said Abdel Latif Fellaini.

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