La que no podia amar capitulo 145

La que no podia amar capitulo 145
La que no podia amar capitulo 145, transmitted by Televisa, for the Friday 17 February 2012.
The videos are linked immediately after the live broadcast and are high quality, enjoying La que no podia amar and all your favorite novels alone here.
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The story begins in Mexico, where Ana Paula Carmona a young woman who, as a child had to look after his sick mother. And after the death of Mariana, Ana Paula decided to study nursing for good to help others.
At first, Ana Paula is about to graduate and meet Bruno, dreadful lawyer Rogelio Montero. Bruno is looking for a nurse to attend to his boss, the salary is good and Ana Paula accepts employment to financially support his Aunt Rosa, who has cared for her and her brother Michael, since they were children.
Rosaura complains bitterly of losing opportunities in the love, care for and intended to be the ones who keep it, for which feigns sick .....
What Ana Paula can not imagine is going to have to work in very difficult conditions on the farm "The Fort", a distant and isolated, as the character of Roger is very difficult, since it has not overcome the consequences of the accident happened when I was about to marry Vanessa, a woman frivolous and selfish know crippled that ended with him.
At the Hacienda Del Fuerte also lives Maria Consuelo's godmother, a kind woman who has been like a mother to Roger and Cinthia was his nanny and is now responsible for their care. The touch of joy in that environment so strict, so Margarito gives a charming, innocent child who has no family and that Mary protects.
Ana Paula meets Gustavo Duran, a noble and hardworking engineer, who has a nursing sister, named Mercedes. They fall in love but their happiness is cut short because Roger also falls in love with it, forming a love triangle with terrible consequences ..


Una maid en Manhattan capítulo 56

Telemundo has Una maid en Manhattan capítulo 56 which airs at 8 pm, Wednesday February 15, enjoy the new production of the U.S. network.
Story of a young immigrant mother, played by Marisa Lujan (Litzy) in New York after facing adversity known true love, on a trip to Manhattan.
After arriving in Los Angeles and stay there for a short period of time, Marisa goes to Manhattan where he began working as a waitress in one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the Big Apple. It is at this time a love story flourishes when Marisa knows the protagonist, Christopher Parker (Eugenio Siller), a young businessman who for a very successful cree mistake that she is a guest of the hotel.
Una maid en Manhattan capítulo 56

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