Wife fit, Cheek Tiger Woods crushed !

The legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, had to undergo facial reconstruction after his wife, Elin, beat him with a golf club. This news was revealed on Tuesday (29/12).

Furman Bisher, one of the leading sports journalists United States, said Woods hit golf club hit nine iron on cheek bones and made two front teeth nearly fall out.

Bisher, who was considered the best golf writers in the U.S., also explained that the injury was made Tiger invisible bridge of his nose in public since a car accident on November 27, ago.

Bisher said, information about the 33-year golfers come from peer trust Tiger agent, Mark Steinberg.

Bisher wrote in their blogs, Tiger spent Thaksgiving day on November 26, with a short message berbalasan with a woman, Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger then went to play poker with friends, but forgot to bring his cell phone. Elin was reading one of these messages.

Bisher then telling the after Tiger came home and met elin.

"Tiger was sitting in a chair in the living room. Elin was sitting across, asking Tiger was telling the truth, but Tiger still denies everything. Tiger then turned his attention to TV and, when he returned to see Elin, his wife immediately hit his right cheek with a nine iron heads, "said Bisher.

"The blow tore the right cheek, near his nose, causing some bruised nose, and made two front teeth loose and right cheekbone cracked the top," he continued.

"Tiger running scared, while Elin continued swinging golf club in his hand, along the corridor toward the garage," added Bisher.

But the night after this news spread, Tiger told the agent, Mark Steinberg, to deny any post Bisher, which he called "false news.

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