Irfan Bachdim Ready to Go Persija

Irfan Bachdim Ready to Go Persija
Indonesia national team striker who was hit by sanctions Disciplinary Commission PSSI, Irfan Bachdim, reportedly headed Persija chairman Hadi version Basalamah in Indonesia Premier League 2011/12.
The news was immediately justified CEO Persema Malang, Didied Poernawan Affandi, who said the husband of Jennifer Kurniawan would head for the capital club Persema management but not yet received official word from the player concerned.

"The news was indeed true. However, to date there has been no official decision has been moved to Persija Irfan. Irfan was already contact me if you want to move to Persija. Likewise Irfan's brother as her manager, said Didied.
"It was never intended him to move to Persija, because the players have talked to me. However, there is still no official decision,"
"Irfan want to be in Jakarta that the concentration of defending the national team if sanctions had been completed. In addition, he also wanted to pursue a case," continued Didied.
Meanwhile, the Persija had also been in communication with Persema, but has not formally follow up communication.
"The Persija also already contacted me, but they officially do not follow it up, so we'll wait," he said.
For the purposes of Irfan's, then no mempersoalkannya Persema management, and most importantly, the contract with Persema well resolved. Irfan himself has a contract with Persema until 2012.
"Irfan admits 50-50. Is going to Persija or to Persema. What is clear there is still a contract with Irfan Persema until 2012. That was the end of his contract Irfan," explains Didied.
"Most importantly, he must meet with Persema and Persija to discuss the completion of his contract," he concluded.

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