'Stoner-Rossi Just Like Maradona, Platini'

Ducati Marlboro Team may have a duet MotoGP world champion at the upcoming 2011 season. The possibility is expressed by the president of Ducati, Gabriele Del Torchio.

Opportunity to unite the two drivers on board was very open, the article in the contract Ducati Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi at Yamaha would run out at the end of this year.

But Del Torchio confirmed when Nicky Hayden still has a huge opportunity in that the Italian manufacturer.

"Only a fool would doubt the ability of Stoner as a powerful driver in the world. While Nicky taught us a science, which never give up, which reminds us to Carl Fogarty, "said Del Torchio said, calling the former World Champion Carl Fogarty Super Bike had success with Ducati.

The leaders then indicate if the presence of Stonner and Rossi on his team like conditions when the two football stars are in the same team.

"Yes, the contract (the drivers) will end this year. The important thing is to defend Casey. Are we able to have Casey and Rossi? This possibility must be returned to them. That crate has Maradona and Platini in a team. The coach will like it! "

But then Del Torchio said, "We want to continue with Casey and Nicky."

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