Jenson Button Impatient Silence The Critics

Formula 1 World Champion in 2009, Jenson Button, convinced all the criticism of the move to McLaren Mercedes crossed it will help him get better.

Button took the title with Brawn Grand Prix, now renamed Mercedes GP. He moved to McLaren this year 2010.

It's no secret privilege if McLaren protege, Lewis Hamilton, and former Ferrari driver, Eddie Irvine, openly said Button 'will be killed' by Hamilton.

But Button, who had just measured the chair McLaren headquarters in Woking, south London, did not agree.

"It makes my life easier because it is my current situation is more relaxed than he talked about the people, that I'd blocked my colleagues. Actually, I think it's not something negative. That could be a positive thing. Help you more relaxed and focused in doing something, "said Button.

"The important thing is I am confident in my ability, so I guess I do not need to prove anything to anyone. Those comments would not change anything. The only way to change things is to look at the circuit, "he continued.

From left Button, Brawn GP acquired a Mercedes, but the team principal, Ross Brawn, who helped Michael Schumacher won seven times world champion with Benetton and Ferrari remain in position.

As a substitute Button, Mercedes hiring Schumacher, who had retired for several years. Many people do not believe Schumi still has the ability reliable as first race, but once again, Button did not agree.

"First I think the return of Schumacher is extraordinary events in the world of sports," said Button. "The decision is not unusual from Michael, but obviously he has his own reasons, after three years of absence and come back again."

"I think you should mengacungi thumb for Ross, not many teams that principals could seduce him to drive her car. I'm glad he's back and I can not wait to compete with him, "said the English-born racer.

"I think he needs some testing before resuming the race, but he will appear as a candidate won, I believe it," he concluded.

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positive thinking is better than responding to criticism

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