Wow, 'Young Leaves' Teddy Sheringham New 23 Year

Teddy Sheringham was lucky old man, a former Manchester United striker and West Ham United are to pick up ex-model 23-year-old section, Kristian Andriotis, only the difference of two years compared to children Sheringham, Bishop's Stortford striker, Charlie.

But what to say, to attract business 'BRONDONG', Sheringham was Jagonya. Sheringham is also former Tottenham Hotspur star player is to end his career at the age of 41 years.

But the new year yesterday, Sheringham enjoying the new turn of the year in Mauritius with Kristina.

Previously, Sheringham has often go out with a younger woman, far from the current age, including Katie Price and Danielle Lloyd, but it seems to Kristina, Sheringham more serious.

Kristina, a former model who is believed to undergo a relationship with Sheringham, last season. The problem is whether Sheringham is a hobby with the 'young stuff'?

Kristina is currently working as Public Relation show keseksikan body with a yellow bikini and like not too bad at all for a 'young leaves' Sheringham.

As to the swimming pool, Kristina tied her hair before the couple was sunbathing, but Sheringham thrust Kristina kiss on the forehead, and seemed both were engrossed ria.

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