Milan and Madrid Compete Get Krasic

Two giants of the world back to fighting a new star. This time the rivalry between Real Madrid and AC Milan are going after Milos Krasic.Interest in the world two great teams are recognized by the agent Marko Naletilic. Player agent has also mentioned the amount of funds to be issued by the two clubs is to get Krasic of CSKA Moscow."There's no definitive agreement regarding the transfer Krasic with any club, but I admit there are some great teams that meninginkan Milos and he wants to defend the big teams," he said to the U.S. Naletilic."There Milan and Madrid, they have been in talks with CSKA and offers 15 million euros," he continued.CSKA has not known whether to accept proposal of approximately 192 billion proposed by the two teams.Krasic is 25 years old player from Serbia who could operate as an attacking midfielder or a winger. Sparkle in the green field riveting etlah some clubs in Europe.One performance that got attention was when he scored a goal on goal Manchester United after making a solo run in a Champions League match

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dwell said...

sebaiknya ga perlu pergi ke madrid....karna pasti jadi penonton setia.....kalo pergi ke milan....kasihan...nanti pastinya kerja baiknya pergi aja ke juventus....hi hi hi

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