10 Most Sexy Female Athlete

Lindsay Vonn

Lindsay Vonn
Vonn became the first U.S. woman to win the World Ski Kejuraan for two consecutive years. In the cold snow, a beautiful smile Vonn secured the man's heart melt.

Dara Torres
Entering the age of 40 years to be obstacles for Torres to follow the Olympics. In fact, this flat-bellied woman became the first U.S. athlete to participate in four different Olympics in cabor Pool. Do not be fooled by the small arms they had, because Torres had mengatongi nine Olympic medals.

Jeanette Lee
"The Black Widow" is the nickname for the U.S. athletes are descendants of South Korea. He became Queen in the world Billyard with 20 titles. Lee even dubbed the sexiest billiar champion today.

Candice Parker
24-year-old, Parker has become a star in the WNBA (Women's NBA) in the U.S.. His name is also listed as the second woman capable of Slam Dunk in WNBA history.

Hannah Cornett
Fair-haired and blue eyed, quick Cornett California girl looks like in general. But this beautiful athlete was apparently a professional in trilomba and Surfing. Besides candidate in the waves, his name is now trying to enter the world of acting.

Miwa Asao
Pevoli Japanese coast was placed on the number five because it forms a perfectly proportioned body.
Miwa Asao
Media crew is female 23 years dijuluku 'pixie beach volleyball'. With reference to body shape and used a bikini.

Natalie Gulbis
At first glance, you might think Gulbis is a model of adult men's magazine, FHM. But the fact involvement Gulbis in FHM magazine simply as a freelance writer. Any permanent job is a professional golfer and always participate in LPGA Tour in the U.S..

Gina Carano
Carano has a face like a Hollywood star, Allysa Milano. But the achievement, Carano is a Thai Boxing athlete with a record 12 wins, one draw and one draw. There are men who dare to try?

Danica Patrick
27-year-old driver was a legend in the IndyCar Series. He was also known as smart in voicing his opinion.
Danica Patrick
Nothing wrong with the next Patrcik made by a spokesman for financial services on line.

Amanda Beard
His name was entered as number one for seven Olympic gold medals that have been achieved.
Amanda Beard
California-born women are also the world record holder for the 200 m breaststroke. Besides Beard also able to appear naked in an adult men's magazine, Play boy, edition July 2007.

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