Google sentenced to Pay Rp4, 7 M on Barrichello

Search engine giant Google to pay U.S. $ 500 thousand, approximately USD 4.7 billion, the veteran driver Formula One (F1) Rubens Barrichello. The reason, Google has been showing a fake driver's profile in Orkut social network.

The decision was taken 15th district court, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monday, November 9, 2009. O Globo Brazilian media estimate the number of fines to be paid Google to rising up to U.S. $ 700 thousand for the case to trial in July 2006.

Google's Motorsport Page preach to pay a fine of U.S. $ 590 per day until revoked Barrichello profile. Around 300 of the fake profiles on Orkut circulating Barrichello, most negative.

The court decided that Google's responsibility to pay the fine for running the page. Google also set the rules for its users.

Until now, Google has not responded. Barrichello also did not comment on this decision. But his lawyer said the fine will be donated to charity Instituto Barrichello Kanaan's 37-year-old driver was.

Network of Google-owned Orkut has many fans in Brazil. However, this site began to lose interest in the Facebook develop Portuguese language versions.

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