Schumi: Button Predicted World Champion

Michael Schumacher confident, Jenson Button will be champion of Formula 1 (F1) in 2009 despite winning only 14 points over his team mate in Brawn Grand Prix, Rubens Barrichello. Button is currently collecting a total of 80 points, and the series of four races left.

Schumacher, who retired from F1 at the end of 2006, dared to say so because the two pebalap Red Bull Racing, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, was adrift far enough. Webber and Vettel who previously was potentially sabotaging Button, now 26 points behind.

"Seeing this situation, I'm pretty sure that Jenson is going to be world champion. It's very difficult to pass, let alone there is little question that struck Red Bull," said Schumacher.

"Opportunities Sebastian already thin because of the problem. Therefore, it will be difficult for him to compete and the points difference would be more broadly.

However, Schumacher - Schumacher hello - sure, one day kompatriotnya a 22-year-old will become a world champion. It's just that Schumacher would not comment when he was compared to Webber.

"He has everything, so that one day could become world champion.

"I personally never want to be compared with others, because I want to be myself. So, he also would like that. I think everyone should appreciate."

Seven-time F1 champion is also not respond when asked whether he will race again with Ferrari if the conditions are 100 percent fit.

"I do not need to say 'yes' and I also do not need to say 'no'," he said.

Indeed, Schumacher had to return to the track as pebalap Ferrari to replace Felipe Massa. But in preparation for the comeback, Schumacher was not ready for neck injury during a fall Motorbike trials earlier this year, is still disturbing, so he canceled his intentions are.

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