Alonso: Renault's situation in Normal

Renault had just tripped over race-fixing scandal at the Singapore Grand Prix last year. From the results of the FIA investigation, the French team was found guilty punished so that should not appear in Formula 1 (F1) for two seasons.

So, what team in the preparation conditions facing Singapore Grand Prix this weekend? Fernando Alonso said, the situation in the body of the Renault was completely normal, and they prepared for the race later.

"Yes, everything, about what happened years ago, it was clear and complete. For the next question is about the 2009 season," said Alonso told reporters in Singapore.

"I was also in Paris, to cooperate with the FIA, to help investigate the problem of our team. I am happy that everything is fine, and I am also glad that was not involved in the incident.

"This may be a difficult moment for the team, but it's all over. It last week. (The case) was already there in the back, while we continue to move forward to concentrate on this race deal, which continues next week in Japan. Life is rolling so now is the time to get many more results. For us, the events of the past have done. "

Alonso really benefited from the event last year. Alonso, who became champion because of Nelson Piquet Jr. hit a wall when he (Alonso) out of the pit stops so that the safety car came out, also said that, without Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds, Renault still can work. Briatore and Symonds punished for directly into the brain involved and the scandal.

"Everything was normal," said Spanish pebalap this. "Pat's not here, as well as Flavio. Yet there are others who can do similar work. Therefore, this team was no different than when the race-race before. In this week there was no change."

"Only the media are exaggerating now. Hope for tomorrow and the days to come, everything was normal again and again as before."

Former world champion 2005 and 2006 is also said that the FIA's decision, which prohibits pebalap Briatore was manager anywhere-no effect. The reason, he has had his own manager.

"Nothing's changed for me. My manager always is Luis Garcia, who was here and always with me. And, my manager next year remained Luis."

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