Britain Not to Bring Rooney EURO 2012 ?

Britain Not to Bring Rooney EURO 2012 ?
England coach, Fabio Capello, should think hard before deciding to bring Wayne Rooney to the event's EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.
This dilemma arises from the red card received by Wayne Rooney in the last game of counter Montenegro Euro 2012 qualifier. Manchester United striker looked annoyed when kicking an opposing player.
English Football Association (FA) estimates the most severe punishment is sanctioned two games, which is expected to be reduced through an appeal to one only.
But Thursday night (10.13.11), UEFA sanctions three games. This means that Roo will spend the entire match in the group round.

FA may make an appeal, but any appeal has risks. If you win, the sanction will be reduced but if you lose one it will reap additional sanctions.
The FA's official statement, as quoted by The Sun, reads: "The FA waiting for a full explanation of the Discipline Committee and would really consider it before deciding that the response will be given."
UEFA considers action against Miodrag Dzudovic Rooney as a deliberate act of violence and deserves to be punished severely. Negative records Rooney who also had undergone sanctions against Switzerland due to two yellow cards he collection is also a consideration.
The bomber has sent a personal letter of request to UEFA, while Capello has sent a letter and video recordings which showed that Rooney admitted his mistake by not complain to the referee Wolfgang Stark. But this effort was ignored UEFA.
It would be more useful to bring a player who can play from the start than with the star that can not be played in at least three matches. Even if England qualify for next round, Rooney is expected to still need time to adapt to the tournament.
Changes in composition of players in the middle of the tournament could have a positive impact by increasing the strength, or even negatively impacted by the disruption of team cohesiveness and performance trends.
In addition, the place filled Rooney could be filled by other players who are ready to appear if 'The Three Lions' was suddenly hit by a storm injury. Things like this are being considered carefully by the coach.

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