Want Mancini Carlos Tevez Apologizes

Want Mancini Carlos Tevez Apologizes
Manchester City striker, Carlos Tevez, Roberto Mancini at the residence facing the coach. But the result remains zero. Quoted from SunSport, Mancini Tevez phoned and asked for Argentina national team striker soon came to his house so back to Manchester.
Tevez arrived at midnight to discuss the incident is believed to be a misunderstanding, where Tevez refused when told to warm up and play in the second half against Bayern Munich.

Mancini asked Tevez apologized to him privately and publicly, and did the same to the chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak. But Mancini confirmed that even though he apologized, the procedure will be continued sanctions.
Sources close to Tevez, as reported by The Sun, said, "Carlos to the house as requested Mancini Mancini, but to apologize it was not possible."
Instead, it asked for Mancini Tevez apologized to him for saying he refused to play, but the coach replied, "No."
City asserts that Tevez had violated club rules and the case will be prosecuted. The bomber said he would fight against it.

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