Next Year 1000cc MotoGP

Next Year 1000cc MotoGP
With great power it has, motor 1.000cc could go much faster on the track. To Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner, this is not something to fear. Starting next season, there will be regulatory changes in the MotoGP competition. 800cc motor will no longer be used and instead, was used motorcycles larger capacity, ie 1.000cc.
1,000 cc motor is reportedly up to speed 350km/jam be lauched in circuits that had long straight tracks such as Qatar, Mugello and Catalunya.

Rossi admitted that Ducati had dijajalnya 1.000cc, the Desmosedici GP12, very fast indeed. However, he did not see it would endanger the safety of the drivers.
"That's really fast. When I tried it at Mugello, when arriving at the end of the straight track me laugh," said Rossi told MCN. "It's very fast, but no matter. Perhaps we are approaching the limit at a speed of 350 km / h, but not much has changed. What has changed is the acceleration of tikungam," he continued.
A similar claim is revealed by Stoner. Repsol Honda rider was not agreed with the opinion stating that the larger capacity machine will endanger the driver.
"There is a theory in the past stating that the speed is too high would be too dangerous. That's not true," said Stoner."With a 800cc, in fact even more dangerous if you hit a wall as compared with 1.000cc. With higher speeds, you have to brake earlier and I think it is definitely not more dangerous," he said.

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