Keep Persib Targeting Firman Utina and M Ridwan

Keep Persib Targeting Firman Utina and M Ridwan
Persib touted approaching two players FC (SFC) which is now undergoing training camp with the national team in Solo, Firman Utina and M Ridwan.
Both players are indeed included in the list of players Persib Bandung game next season. As a result, management Persib will certainly do a variety of ways to get two players are the mainstay of Sriwijaya FC.

An internal source at SFC recognizes the Firman and Ridwan was the middle of a staff dissuaded from Persib who accidentally dispatched to Solo. He revealed, every iftar in the national team, there's always a number of club managers who come up to the national team players.
"When breaking the fast came, there's always the club managers in there. Not only that, some times I see Ridwan and the Firman was approached by the management staff of Persib," said one team supervisor SFC declined to be named that.
Ridwan own even when asked, did not deny that he was being approached by one of the managers of the squad Maung Bandung. "I ask directly to Ridwan, he does not deny if he was several times offered the management to join Persib," he concluded.

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