This is the X-ray Simoncelli

This is the X-ray Simoncelli
It has been widely circulated a photograph showing the results of x-rays after Marco Simoncelli crashed in GP Malaysia some time ago.
X-rays are widely circulated in the group the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). In the photo looks a broken bone due to neck Simoncelli. Fracture of the bone is most likely due to run over by Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.

Image is not yet certain authenticity. The photos were only circulated among BlackBerry users. If true X-ray examination is a result of Simoncelli, really terrible injuries suffered by the Italian.
As reported previously that Simoncelli crashed at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia. Racing was stopped when stepping on the fourth minute when Simoncelli fell in the middle of the track and was hit by Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi as his body slid on the asphalt.
The helmets worn 24-year-old drivers to race off and supervisory officers were flying the red flag stopped the race mark. Simoncelli was raised to the ambulance to the circuit medical center, but at 16:56 local time, he breathed his last due to injuries are too severe.
There is a severe wound in the chest, neck and head. He had time to get CPR for 45 minutes so that his life might be helped, but to no avail. He breathed his last at 16:56 pm local time.

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MaNNeRz91 said...

In the photo looks a broken bone due to neck Simoncelli....

this makes no sence, what translator are you using because i would suggest a better one...

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