Chris John will Opponent U.S. boxer in Bali

World champion WBA featherweight Chris John, the plan maintain that the title 13 times against the United States boxer. The match will be held in Bali.

"If his name was kept secret because it is still in the exploratory and there was no contract," said Chris John, when contacted from Semarang, Friday (1/1/2010).

According to the boxer with a Super Champions title, the fight against U.S. boxer was held in Bali in April 2010 the first week. If everything smoothly, said Chris John, the fight against U.S. boxer that will be held with the promoter Tayib Zainal, Chairman Sasana Boxing Mirah.

He says, to face the next battle, he will begin training in Sasana Herry's Gym in Perth, Australia, the end of January 2010, under the care of trainer who is also his manager, Craig Christian. "The end of this month or in January 2010, I returned to practice in Australia until the eve of battle," said the husband of former wushu athletes in Central Java, Anna Maria Megawati is.

Duel between himself against a boxer from Uncle Sam's country, he said, is not the first meeting. Previously, the father of two daughters (Maria Luna and Maria Rosa Ferisha Christiani) the fight against U.S. boxer in the fight Gainner Derrick mandatory or "mandatory fight" in Tenggarong, Kukar, East Kalimantan, some time ago.

Fight with other U.S. boxer, Rocky Juarez, in the U.S., he said, had even two times that at the Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, 28 February 2009 local time on March 1, 2009 or the time in Indonesia. The last battle with the nickname of boxer lived the Dragon is now won by absolute numbers over Rocky Juarez at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 19, 2009.

Place in Bali next battle will not be the first for Chris John. He won the title of world featherweight champion was also in the island resort in 2003, when it menundukan Oscar Leon of Colombia through the ad-interim bout. Boxers from Banjarnegara district, Central Java, was already 12 times defend the title since the chase from his Oscar Leon, in Bali in 2003.

From the fight to maintain 12 degrees, five of them through the fight mandatory or "mandatory fight" is against Kose Cheo Rojas (Venezuela), Derrick Gainner (U.S.), Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico), Roinet Caballero (Panama), and Hiroyuki Enoki ( Japan).
In addition, other battle seven times through the fight option or "choice" that is against Osamu Sato and Zaiki Takemoto (Japan), Tommy Brouwn (Australia), Renant Acosta (Colombia), Jose Cheo Rojas (Venezuela), and twice against Rocky Juarez (U.S.).
Chris John has a fight record of 43 wins, 22 of them by knockouts.

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