Chris John Practice Routine in Australia

Chris John Practice Routine in Australia - Exercise lived holder Super Champion WBA featherweight Chris John, at Sasana Herrera's Gym in Perth, Australia, is still general.
Chris John's wife, Anna Maria Megawati when contacted in Hyderabad on Monday, said the practice has not led to specific techniques to deal with his rival candidate. "The training is still general, let alone up to now unknown opponent and place for the next battle," said former Central Java wushu athletes to the Antara.Ia said that, until now Chris John has not told him about the candidate on his opponent and place for the upcoming battle. "But chances are he (Chris John) to the ring around March 2011," he said.

He added that, during the holidays (after the fight against Fernando Saucedo) in Jakarta, December 5, 2010, her husband continued to undergo physical exercises which are lightweight to maintain body condition. "Usually after playing, he'll eat anything so that their weight increases, but yesterday it did not and weight remained stable," said mother of two daughters (Mary and Maria Rosa Luna Ferisha Christiani).

Boxer with the nickname The Dragon has been a week more to undergo training at Sasana Herrera's Gym in Perth, Australia, under coach Craig Christian who sekalgius manager.

Chris John himself before traveling to Australia, said he had not yet know whether the next battle is mandatory or "Fight or still mandatory option or" choice "." I do not know whether compulsory or option because it has not been notified by the coach, "said the boxer with a record of 44 fights wins (22 of them by knockouts) and two time series.

The last battle must be lived Chris John is the moment to win with the number of host boxer, Horoyuki Enoki in Japan, October 24, 2008. Then fight the last option is when the win with an absolute number of boxers of Argentina, Fernando Saucedo at the Senayan Indoor Tennis Courts, December 2010.

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