Enhance Klitschko Boxing degree 3 Collection Belt, Dave Beat Haye

Enhance Klitschko Boxing degree 3 Collection Belt, Dave Beat Haye - Vladimir Klitschko British boxer David Haye beat to win the heavyweight championship belt WBA version in Germany, Saturday, July 2, 2011. Klitschko as well as add a collection of heavyweight champion belt into three degrees. Ukrainian boxer was winning on points with the acquisition of 117-109, 118-108, 116-110 respectively of the two judges from the United States and one judge from South Africa. Despite failing to win a knockout for the 50th time in his career, Klitschko is still able to celebrate these achievements with his brother who is also the version WBC heavyweight champion, Vitali.
With the victory, Klitschko as well as their families realize the dream of uniting all the world heavyweight boxing title. Klitschko currently collecting versions WBA belt, WBO, IBF, and IBO, while Vitali is the WBC champion.
"I actually would be very happy if you could celebrate the 50th knockout victory to me," Klitschko said. "That'll be fun for fans of boxing, for the sport of boxing, the boxers how to behave. I think the duel to be the proof. "

Klitschko landed more punches than Haye, who could not perform segarang as usual, so he was nicknamed 'Hayemaker'. Haye repeatedly overwhelmed by the blows Klitschko.Haye quibble performed poorly because of injuries during the time he kept secret. "I broke my toe about three weeks ago," said Haye told the television. "I make no secret of it." "I work around this by giving a local anesthetic at the gym ... that's why I stopped practicing sparring. Hayemaker my style does not appear. I can not push my right foot for punching. It makes me very frustrated, "added Haye.
Haye admitted to briefly considered canceling the match. However, he did not want to disappoint some 50 thousand supporters from England who came to Germany. "It's impossible because all of my fans who either have spent a lot of money to come here. I can not cancel it, "added Haye.

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