Champion Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP Portugal

Jorge Lorenzo really look powerful in Portugal MotoGP race on Sunday (4 / 10). During the 28 lap circuit through Estoril, pebalap Fiat Yamaha dominate the race series to 14 from start until finish.

With the additional received 25 points, now the difference with his team mate Valentino Rossi getting thin. And the odds won the world title is still wide open, with Rossi no calendar notes clung behind him.

Excellent excellent performance displayed Casey Stoner. Three series have been absent had burned the Australian racing spirit to contribute the best results. Stoner's comeback has brought the temperature during competition in the home performed by two Yamaha racing.

Apart from the starting line, fourth-placed Stoner. But in lap 2, Valentino Rossi was followed from the third position. Interval a lap later, followed by Dani Pedrosa's turn on the track straight. Here shows the magnitude of the energy Stoner Ducati Desmosedici GP9 and only takes two laps was able to occupy second place.

Just to catch Lorenzo who led the race, Stoner had to fight extra hard. Because, as recognized if the Yamaha M1 Rossi a teammate's ride very fast. Ask him traction motor overhaul if they want to compensate for Lorenzo.

With the motor setting conditions that are less fit, Rossi could not develop the maximum speed motor. Besides complaining about the traction, braking he felt less than perfect balance.

Finally, The Doctor is difficult to mengerjar Dani Pedrosa in third position. Rossi had to settle for fourth finish. He still leads the standings with the highest value of 250 points. But in the following three series sis should beerada teammate in front if you do not want the world title to move into the hands of Lorenzo.

Or other strategies, as performed in Australia, Malaysia and Spain, Rossi had to be just behind Lorenzo. Because, even Stoner or Pedrosa who bought the victory was not possible steal the world champion.

Experienced during the race Mika Kallio crash. Finnish racing stelit Ducati team slid around the bend on the 6th lap.

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