Indonesia One Group with China

Indonesian team in the same group with defending champion China in the number of Junior World Championship team in 2009 to be held in Kedah, Malaysia 23 October to 1 November next.
According to the results of the draw, which aired the game official site the Badminton World Federation (BWF), Thursday, Indonesia placed in Group W with China, Russia, New Zealand and Macau.
A total of 22 teams will compete in the team tournament known as Suhandinata Cup (taken from the name Suharso Suhandinata, badminton from Indonesia) it.
Mixed team championship will be followed by the number of individuals in the same place from October 28. The 22 participating teams will be divided into four groups; W, X, Y and Z. But for Group X and Y, each will be divided into two sub-groups of three teams each sub-group. W and Z groups each consisting of five teams.

Winners of each group will qualify for the semifinals while the other teams will follow the play-offs to determine the rankings. Winners of the sub-groups X1 and X2 sub-groups will meet to determine the group winner X. The process is the same for the teams in Group Y.
Last year, China emerged as champion followed by Korea, Malaysia and India. However, Korean, no team to compete in this year's numbers. While the Indonesian contingent had to settle for seventh ranked.

Indonesian team which will compete in the Junior World Championship consists of a combination of players Pelatnas Primary and non-Pelatnas. Six non-Pelatnas players who will strengthen the team is Andre Marteen (singles), Febby Angguni, Elizabeth Purwanigtyas, Ana Rovita (singles) and pair Muhammad Ulinnuha / Berry Anggriawan (men's doubles).

While players from Pelatnas Ary Pratama is Trisnanto, Evert Sukamta and Hermansyah (singles), Siti Lestari Anida Qoryatin (singles), Anga Primary / Rendy Sugiarto (men's doubles), Suci Rizki Andini / Tiara Rosalia Runaidah, Ni Made Ayu Claudia Wijaya / Della Destiara (double daughter).
The men's doubles players and doubles daughter will also appear on the mixed doubles plus Kevin Alexander who will partner with the Holy. "The players who are practicing Primary in Magelang Military Academy will go into Pelatnas Cipayung on Saturday (3 / 10) because of their training period is over there," said Head of Performance Management Lius Pongoh.

Lius hope, outside Pelatnas players can join together to practice starting Monday (5 / 10).
Following the division of the group numbers Junior World Championship team:

Group W: China, Indonesia, Russia, New Zealand, Macau.
Group X: Sub-Group X1: Thailand, Germany, Vietnam; Sub-Group X2: Hong Kong, Danish, Sri Lanka.
Group Y: Sub-Group Y1: India, Canada, Philippines; Sub-Group Y2: Taiwan, England, Australia.
Group Z: Malaysia, Japan, France, Singapore, Cambodia.

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♥ria♥ said...

wah kalo indonesia satu grup ma china bisa meragukan menang T_T

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berat jiganamah mang eta sa grup jeung china

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wah...sama China lagi musuh sejati kayak-nya udh soulmate kemana-mana ngikut saja

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follow me ya???????
Nice blog...

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Tak ada sesuatu yang tak mungkin ,selain atlit yg mau berkorban dan totalitas buat prestasi juga kepedulian pemerintah utk membangun kembali citra badminton yg pernah bersinar.MAJU TERUS INDONESIAKU!!

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Semoga bangun dari tdr panjang dari prestasi yg selama ini semakin jauh dari negeri kita.maju terus indonesia

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semoga menang walaupun lawan china

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cina emang saingan berat Indonesia, tp teteeeep
Hidup Indonesiaaaa ....!!!

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