Drawing Results Round 3 Pre 2014 World Cup Asian zone

Drawing Results Round 3 Pre 2014 World Cup Asian zone
Indonesia became one of the last seed in the draw for the third round of Pre-2014 World Cup Asian zone that will last the Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 30, 2011.
Success beat Turkmenistan 4-3 in second round second leg Pre World Cup 2012, Thursday, July 28, 2011, making Indonesia the third round to qualify 5-4 on aggregate. In the third round of Indonesia became one of the lowest seed.Red and White joined the team in pots last 4 or seed with North Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Lebanon. Placement in each pot based on the latest FIFA rankings released on July 27 last. Indonesia who is ranked just ahead of the FIFA 137 Lebanon (159 FIFA).

The first seed is occupied Japan, Australia, South Korea, Iran and China. Second seed there is Uzbekistan, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuawit. Meanwhile, third seed occupied Bahrain, Syria, Oman, Iraq and the Emirates Arab.Dari 20 teams will be split into five groups containing four teams. Each of these teams in pot four will occupy the lowest positions in each group. The teams in pot 3 will occupy the third position, the team in pot 2 will occupy the second position and five top seeds in pot 1 will occupy the first position in each group.
Each group winners and runners-up will qualify for the fourth round. Of the 10 teams that qualify will be divided into two groups containing five teams in the fourth round. Later champion and runner-up group in the fourth round will qualify for the 2014 World Cup finals.
Drawing Pre third round Asian zone 2014 World Cup in the Marina da Gloria planned to be conducted by the Brazilian legend, Zico. Unfortunately, until now not clear timetable third round of the Pre-2014 World Cup Asian zone.
Of the 20 teams that ensure a step into the third round, stay Oman whose position is uncertain. Because, in the second round second leg match against Myanmar should be discontinued in the 39th minute due to anger supporters of Myanmar. Oman is almost certain to qualify after winning 2-0 when the match is stopped and while winning the aggregate 4-0.

Seeding Round 3 Pre 2014 World Cup Asian zone
Pot 1
South Korea
Pot 2
Saudi Arabia
Pot 3
Oman (not specified)
United Arab Emirates
Pot 4
North Korea

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