Lottery Results Asian zone 2014 World Cup

Lottery Results Asian zone 2014 World Cup
Here is the draw for the World Cup 2014 Asian zone conducted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Saturday, or Sunday AM:

Group A: China, Jordan, Iraq, Singapore
Group B: South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon
Group C: Japan, Uzbekistan, Syria, North Korea
Group D: Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand
Group E: Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia

- All matches will be played between September 2, 2011 and February 29, 2012.

- Two champion teams from each group will advance to the next round consists of two groups with each consisting of five teams.

- And the top two teams from the two group will advance to the World Cup finals.

- The team are third from both groups will face the fifth place team from South America zone in the game play-off. (*)

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