AT & T Disconnect Cooperation With Tiger Woods

World number one golfer, Tiger Woods returned to lose a sponsor of AT & T. Telecommunications giant companies that cut the contract with Woods starting the end of December 31, 2009.

So far, AT & T logo always appears in Woods's golf bag. Father of two children were even served as host of the annual event held AT & T National PGA Tour.

Termination of this contract to make a Woods is no longer listed as a host who will represent AT & T in all competitions.

"We (AT & T) pray for him (Woods) is the best thing in the future," said an official statement through At & T spokesman Ty Votaw was quoted as saying by the San Francisco Gate, Friday, January 1, 2010.

Although the contract had been severed, his face and name were still visible in the Woods official site PGA Tour National Tournament. Brand is not certain when Woods will be officially revealed by AT & T.

The only thing that kept AT & T officially is The Tiger Woods Foundation. Foundation which provides scholarships to outstanding children were still receiving revenue from AT & T National until 2014.

AT & T is the third sponsor withdraw its support from Woods. Previously existing Gatorade beverage products and consulting company Accenture Plc. which kicked Woods in the list of athletes it supports.

P & G that produces Gillette razors did not break the contract Woods. However, they restrict the Woods faces in each ad is displayed. While products Tag Heuer watches are still considering a collaboration Woods in the contract.

These bans Woods terkuaknya scandal stems from her love affair with several different women. One name frequently mentioned as a mistress Woods is a nightclub owner, Rachel Uchitel.

In addition, there is also the name Jaimee Grubbs. Women's 24-year apologized to Woods wife, Elin Nordegren, because it was having an affair with the Woods.

Over this scandal, Woods decided to take a break from golf in the world that has not been determined.

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