Shania Twain Meng Olympic Torch procession

Twain was the last runner on day 64 of the 106-day torch pengarakan did Olimpiade.Shania Twain Olympic torch procession in the last 400 yards (365 meters) to the Hollinger Park. The presence of these famous singers have been eagerly awaited by thousands of fans in his hometown of Timmins, Ontario, Canada.

After doing the last round to the stage, Twain paused. Holding the torch in his left hand, he waved to the audience. After that, the singer continued his run and went up to the stage where he lit the Olympic flame at the stadium.

"I feel very proud," said Twain, as quoted VIVAnews from Montrealgazette, January 3, 2009. "This is the best time in my life, gained the confidence to carry the torch to light the Olympic flame," he said.

Twain was the last runner on day 64 of the 106-day Olympic torch pengarakan scheduled. At that time, the temperature is expected to reach 35 degrees below zero and winds create a giant TV that was placed behind the stage failed to function. But that Twain did not inhibit its action.

"I know, it sounds crazy maybe do this," said Twain. "But if the temperature is not Timmins not in 40 degrees below zero and the cold wind does not blow hard," he said.

After the Timmins, torch journey will continue until February 12, when he reached the final goal of the Olympic flame lit in 2010 which took place in Vancouver, Canada.

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