PSSI budget USD $ 240 Million to Attract World Cup 2022

Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) will be budgeted funds of around Rp 240 billion to this country to host the 2022 World Cup.

PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid in Jakarta, Sunday (1 / 11), said that big funds are used to support various activities in the nomination process as the host campaigns, promotions, lobby, paid consultants, and others.

The fund is large enough. "Therefore, we will attract sponsors to support it," he said.

Nurdin called group Bakrie and Brothers of business will be one of the sponsors for PSSI to finance this bidding process.

Through one business group, Bakrie Capital, Bakrie business group will also be appointed as the local organizing committee (LOC) in this bidding process. "This is because the LOC, as required by FIFA, must have a legal entity," said Nurdin.

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phonak said...

whether the image of Indonesia in the eyes of International football is good enough to be able to host the world cup? I hope..

moenas said...

nice post browww
sory i'm not speaking english

rumah blogger said...

pokoknya ikut yg menang aja daaahh.....heheheee

sabirinnet said...

Indonesia is the best....

Gadgets said...

hehehe...aku ketawa aja deh...

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