PERSIB Win First Full Figures

In the first round, persib immediately dominate the game. By relying on a trio of Hilton Moreira, Budi Sudarsono, and Christian Gonzalez directly attacking defense Pelita Jaya.

In minute 14, Maung Bandung get golden opportunity through the legs Eka Ramdani. 
Lucky goalkeeper The Young Guns, Dian Agus still can read the ball. The senior national team goalkeeper managed to save his goal with the ball brushed away the penalty box.

persib continued to increase the intensity of his attacks. Even to increase gempurnya, Nova Arianto defender several times came forward to help the attack.

At 31 minutes, 
got a chance to break into the Pelita goal after the referee pointed to Jimmy Napitupulu white spot on the offense committed defender to Hilton Moreira Pelita in the forbidden box. This decision had received a protest from the players Pelita, but not taken by Jimmy.

Christian 'El Loco' Gonzalez was appointed as the executor. Unfortunately players from Uruguay had failed to carry out their duties properly. The ball hit the crossbar still Dian Agus.

Pelita not without opportunities. In minute 39, The Young Guns almost break
persib goal guarded by a goalkeeper from Thailand, Kosin Hathairattanakool.

Starting from the mistakes made by Hidayat's grandson, Esteban Pelita Viscara player won the ball for the next launch hard kick to the
persib goal. The ball was still able ditepis by Kosin.

But from the right side of the Word came to greet the ball rebound. Unfortunately, the senior national team midfielder was holding the ball too long so the time taken by the players behind Pelita.

persib still dominate the attack on the rest of the first round. But until halftime, the score was also changed glasses.

In the second half,
persib were still dominating the game. In minute 57, persib had another golden opportunity pass the ball dead not far from the penalty box Pelita.

Eka Ramdani appeared as executor. But Dian Agus scintillating performance, re-kick deaden Eka.

The ball had actually hit his head turned toward the back of
Maung Bandung players. But Dian still able to reach. Scores did not change 0-0.

Barrage attack that launched a line of defense
Maung Bandung welfare. This situation could be used by players to steal Pelita goals in 59 minutes.

Starting from the chaos in front of goal
persib striker Pelita, Edison Fonseca managed to rip the nets Kosin. Hard kick failed dammed Thailand's goalkeeper and made the score became 1-0 for Pelita.

But the benefits of the Young Guns did not last long. In the 65th minute,
Maung Bandung managed to equalize through hard kick players Thailand, Suchao use Atep cross from the left side.

Score was changed to 1-1.

Managed to keep pace,
persib again increased its attacks. However, this step makes the defense Maung Bandung back welfare.

Utilizing a counterattack, Firman Utina successfully provide measurable feedback to the bediri Edison Fonseca in the penalty box
Maung Bandung at minute 73. Unfortunately this time Fonseca failed to improve.

The kick was too weak, so easily tamed by Kosin.
persib again benefited from the decision of the referee Jimmy Napitupulu rewarded a free kick in the 76th minute for violations committed by the Christian Jufrianto Gonzales. This decision re-getting protest from Pelita players.

But Jimmy was again unmoved. Hilton Moreira appointed as executor. Quietly, Brazil's successful players netted the goal Dian Agus and changing the score to 2-1.

Pelita try to squeeze in the rest of the second half. But a series of opportunities that still failed to create goals to fruition. Until the game was over,
persib still lead 2-1.

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rumah blogger said...

oooohh gitu yaaa...(manggut-manggut) kayak ngerti aja, heheheee

Sabirinnet said...

pokoknya saya ikut yang menang aja deh, :)

Dhana/戴安娜 said...

salam sahabat
wah sip ya menang,support full aja dech...thnxs n good luck ya

warung informasi said...

si sucho sama mang kosim keren lah.. made in thailand nya ?.. 2-1 tah langsung dari jalak harupat..

noertony said...

hidup persib, itu yang biasa di lontarkan kepada sang pujangga team kesayangan jikalau menang..
dukung 80%

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