Official Jendry Pitoy Substitute Markus Horison Persib Bandung

Official Jendry Pitoy Substitute Markus Horison Persib Bandung
Persib official release Markus Horison Bandung. Instead, bring Persib Bandung senior management team of Markus in Jendri Pitoy.
Jendri projected to be the main Persib goalie competitions Indonesia Super League (ISL) upcoming 2011/2012 season with two goalkeepers before Cecep Supriatna and Dadang Sudrajat.

"Today we've invited Markus to come here (the office of PT Persib Bandung Bermartabat), but he was on holiday in Bali," said Persib manager Umuh Muchtar reporters when met at Cafe Persib, Jalan Sulanjana Bandung on Monday (12 / 9 / 2011).
Besides Markus, Umuh also said there were several players who terminated the contract. They are Yudi Khoerudin, Munadi, Jejen Zaenal Abidin, isnan Ali, Cristian Gonzalez, Gilang Anga Kusuma, Nova Arianto, Hilton Moreira and Shohei Matsunaga.
"What has come a new isnan, Gilang, Jejen and Yudi, others do not come. It's hard for me to tell them, but this was a joint decision. I hope they understand and do not break the spirit. In the future when paired easy-muhan they could back to Persib, "said Umuh.

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