Mr X AC Milan Lead to Alberto Aquilani

Mr X AC Milan Lead to Alberto Aquilani
Enigma who Mr. X will be brought AC Milan in the transfer market this summer still unanswered. There are a number of names that were previously linked with Milan as Alberto Aquilani.
The issue of Mr. X was then made camp Rossoneri finally go to vote. Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri said the team is currently looking for a new midfielder Andrea Pirlo after being abandoned.
"But for now there is no Mr. X," said Allegri when confirmed about the planned transfer of the mysterious Milan this summer as dlansir of Italian Football.

Previously, Milan have been linked with Fiorentina midfielder Riccardo Montolivo. However, Fiorentina player was not sold by his club.
Reportedly, Milan have turned to the player Liverpool, Aquilani. "We will remain competitive in all competitions, including the Champions League like last season," said Allegri.
"We're not going to bring in striker last. We will be looking to midfield, whether it's Aquilani Mr. X" that you say, "said Allegri.
In order for a plan to get Aquilani running smoothly, the Rossoneri have reportedly raised its offer for Liverpool. Price while circulating in the media is approximately € 7 million.
Indeed, since abandoned by Pirlo, Milan midfielder has been unable to find an equivalent. Although still difficult to find a quarterback last, it does not make Allegri dizzy.
He believes, in the recent closure of the transfer Milan midfielder will get a qualified success. "We have identified several targets," he said.
"There is still some time left in the transfer market this season. We used to successfully bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho at the end of the transfer.

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