AC Milan vs Juventus Trofeo Berlusconi fought, August 22, 2011 LIVE

AC Milan vs Juventus Trofeo Berlusconi fought, August 22, 2011 LIVE
Two Italian giants, AC Milan and Juventus will be a duel to fight Trofeo Berlusconi, August 22, 2011. Games will be held at the San Siro stadium is often regarded as the opening match of the competition ahead of Serie A.
Although just a game of entertainment, but AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri reluctant to underestimate the game. "This will be an important game for us to prepare ourselves to live Serie A," said Allegri Soocerway reported.

Both are going to use this clash as a warm-up match before competing in Serie A that opened next week. AC Milan itself will undergo the first game away to Serie A with Cagliari and Juventus will face Udinese.
"We will be preparing to showcase the best games, both in terms of technique and tactics. Looking at the competition (Serie A) which begins in six days, it is important we prepare to live it" continues Allegri.
Since the first, AC Milan and Juventus have had a tradition as top Italian and European clubs. However, the fate of both are different in recent years.
Last season, AC Milan won the Scudetto title after five years of stay in the hands of city rivals Inter Milan. While Juventus at the end of the season with disappointing results pegged at the seventh position of the standings.

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