AC Milan: Mr. X is Cesc Fàbregas ?

AC Milan: Mr. X is Cesc Fàbregas?
AC Milan players who hunted, called by the club as 'Mr X', its identity is still a big question mark.
Some of the names was the world's top players are called, ranging from Bastian Schweinsteiger to Ricardo Kaka. But there are other names that appear are claimed as a real player from Mr X, that is Cesc Fabregas.
Cristiano Ruiu is expressing it. Ruiu itself is Telelombardia Antennatre people, one of the Spanish media.

He claimed to have information from people in the club stating Cesc Fabregas is being sought to join the San Siro. "In the last ten to 15 days, I must say that the source of the club has told me that Mr. X is Fabregas and he will join the end of August.
"There is an agreement with Arsenal and the player representatives, because mediation with Mino Raiola that in the last few days in London," he said again.
But the Arsenal and AC Milan have not confirmed this and still let the speculation continue to evolve. Can imagine if true AC Milan could get the services of the Arsenal players, can be sure of the title next season would be in the pocket, I hope Milan can get it immediately.

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