Balotelli Acting up Again, Furious Mancini

Balotelli Acting up Again, Furious Mancini
Not Mario Balotelli made his name if you do not like controversy. Ghana blooded Italian striker is back to make Manchester City coach, Roberto Mancini angry. Mercilessly Mancini was immediately dragged out of the field.

The incident happened when Manchester City face the LA Galaxy in a friendly entitled World Football Challenge on Sunday. What do Balotelli is otherwise inappropriate. When dribbled inside the penalty box after a pass from the convoy, Balotelli who live face to face with the goalkeeper, not trying to score in the normal way, but playing the ball using his body and kicking his heels. The result could be fatal ball that scored the goal that just roll off the side pole.
Mancini who looked antics Balotelli reacted instantly, as well as Edin Dzeko who stood not far from demonstrating Balotelli was not happy. Mancini then pulled the Super Mario and enter James Milner.
Instead of introspection, instead Balotelli Mancini reacted negatively to the decision. On the way to the bench, Balotelli could speak to the Mancini as if not understand why he was substituted. Mancini was irritated. As he followed her from behind, Mancio continued to speak, without Balotelli ignored. Do not stop there. Balotelli also threw bottles on the ground.
Events like this ever happens when City face Notts County in February. But when it Balotelli choosing straight into the dressing room rather than sitting on the bench.
Meanwhile, another incident also happened to Gael Clichy. The new defender signed from Arsenal had swerved after being hit by a ball, lucky Clichy can directly address the situation and continue the game.

The match at the Home Depot Center that drew a first-1.Gol City Balotelli scored from the spot after Micah Richards violated the forbidden box. Galaxy equalized through Mike Magee. The draw was made was determined by penalty shootout victory. City eventually winning 7-6.

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