Persib Bandung Fulfill Promise, Persela 2-1 Defeat

Persib Bandung Fulfill Promise, Persela 2-1 Defeat - Ferri scored on 85 minutes over hosts. Persib in the League continued Bandung Super Indonesia (LSI) 2010/2011 on the si Jalak Harupat, Soreang Kabupaten Bandung, on Thursday (16/06/2011) night.
Goals mere puppet troops Laskar Joko Tingkir made the final position to 2-1 for the victory Maung Bandung. After a 2-0 lead, the children themselves do not loosen Persib Bandung attacks. Eka Ramdani cs continue mengempur Persela defense raised Charis Yulianto former Persib Bandung player to offer a big victory in the tens of thousands bobotoh who directly witnessed in the stadium.
Arsenal coach Daniel Roekito seemed eager to give a big victory for bobotoh. To add power attack Maung Bandung, Daniel Moreira include replacing Matsunaga Hilton who got exhausted in 73 minutes.

Sign in Hilton could turn Persib Bandung attack. Through the scheme of attack is quite beautiful, Atem release measurable feedback crossing to Cristian Gonzalez who was standing right at the goal mouth. Gonzales was easily struck the ball with a diving header into the goal I Komang Komang Adnyana. Unfortunately, the referee decided Gonzales caught offside.
Persib approached disastrous precisely one minute later when Abanda Herman made a blunders, failed to block the movement of Ariawan Ferri. Ferry line of defense also managed to outwit the in goal Maung Bandung Nova Arianto. With a tough but measured, Ferry had goalkeeper Markus Horison are nested into the right corner of the goal.
In the remaining five minutes, continued selling assault, but none of successful opportunities into goals. Until the long whistle is blown referee the second half, Persib were still 2-1 ahead.
Earlier, two goals scored by Persib managed Miljan Radovic's free-kick on 56 minutes. One more goal through a header from Cristian Gonzales obtained the use of bait Miljan free kick 61 minutes.

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