Bojan Krkic Not throwing the towel in Barcelona

Bojan Krkic had also surrendered in Barcelona. Bojan admitted to stay at Camp Nou and struggled to get a regular position in the team.

In addition to injury problems, Bojan rarely get a chance to play after coach Josep Guardiola thinks Pedro is still more useful than the 19-year striker. And Bojan demand some big clubs of Europe.

However, Bojan claims to still want to stay at Barcelona despite the lack of opportunity to play. Serbian descent players are admitted to dig a lot of knowledge and experience in Barcelona.

"I do not know what I would do next week. Greetings football everything can change in one day, and I am happy to be in Barcelona. My ambition is to work to prove I can play here, and I will try every day, "said Bojan told Sport.

"You learn by playing, but in Barcelona, even playing a minimal, you can learn a lot. I want to study here, this is the best club to learn, "he explained.

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