Preview Juventus vs AC Milan

Preview Juventus vs AC Milan
Seeing giornata 5, between Catania vs Juventus, which ended at 1-1, enough to make me suffer a heart attack. A rain-soaked field conditions is quite heavy, hard game, that Vidal failed goal chances and a few blunders Chiellini made my heart beat hard throughout the game. Coupled with exceptional Nonbar atmosphere, complete the game he called tersebut.Dan I believe that certainly experienced similar things all my friends, but be prepared, this Sunday (October 2, 2011) match the more intense was waiting. A game which I believe will make our heart beats hard throughout the game:) I will try to share some of the preview and the unique facts match Juventus vs AC Milan in giornata 6 (October 2, 2011)

Andrea Pirlo will be the center of attention in a duel in giornata 6. After spending 10 years and played in 401 games, and presents nine trophies u AC Milan, Pirlo for the first time will face his former club itself as an opponent in an official match. Dated May 24, 2011, just a week after Pirlo gave a statement that he will not dress again Milan, Juventus moved quickly to bring Pirlo, and Juventus do Mercato good to get Pirlo is a class player with a free transfer. Pirlo joined the contract until June 30, 2014. Where previously only want to give AC Milan contract extension for 1 year and rejected by Pirlo. Pirlo role for Juventus been seen since pre-season, scoring 1 goal in the trial against Lucento (Juventus 6-1 Lucento) and providing assists for Mirko Vucinic in the face AC Milan in Trofeo Berlusconi (AC Milan 1-2 Juventus) then create 2 assists giornata in the first, when Juventus Parma 4-1 finish, and Pirlo to be man of the match in the game. And in a duel with Juventus Stadium this week, there are two things that will happen to Pirlo, the first possibility, Pirlo can lead Juventus beat AC Milan, Pirlo 10 years to be part of AC Milan, Pirlo can certainly help Conte to expose the weaknesses of AC Milan . And the second possibility (which I hope will not happen) Pirlo otherwise be turned off by players who already know the AC Milan Pirlo game. After giornata 5 against Catania ended in a 1-1 draw, coach Catania, Vincenzo Montella, told Tuttomercatoweb that they have studied Juventus game and decided to keep the extra Pirlo and not let the game evolve.

Even Pietro Lo Monaco (Director of Catania) safely say that the game of Juventus' Pirlo Dipendenza "and Lo Monaco also said that if Pirlo managed to shut down then Juventus would like ants and playing poorly. And immediately the statement directly contradicted Conte Lo Monaco, when his team hung with Pirlo, Conte denied and said that it is stupid if Juventus depends only by a player only, as Juventus play as a team to victory. So, shut up your f **** n Lo Monaco mouth!

In a duel this week, Juventus is more fortunate, because the physical condition of players they are more fit than the condition of the AC Milan players are tired after undergoing Champions League Matchday 2. Juventus is not only the physical condition of disadvantaged people, they will play in their new home, Juventus Stadium, even this 6 giornata tickets sold out in just one day only. Conte could lose almost a full squad. Today Andrea Barzagli has been back training with the squad, chances are he can play in this week's duel. In psychology, Juventus also better, with topped the standings today, at least confidence Juventus players better, but this should also raise awareness of Juventus, AC Milan since begun to rise from the ground and injured several core players who can already play back . Victory over Cesena in Serie A (1-0) and win over Victoria Plzen in the Champions League (2-0) also picked up an AC Milan player morale.

Moreover Ibrahimovic is back playing and start scoring goals, but maybe playing with the return of Ibrahim, will be able to motivate performance Chiellini who started declining in the last two giornata. Ibra is always freezing when dueling with Chiellini. Upon these foundations, Carlo Ancelotti, Juventus won a duel over a candidate in giornata 6. Luciano Moggi, more confidence with a draw and confident Juventus can menyulikan AC Milan, which is still championed as a candidate for the Scudetto this season.

In the last few meetings, AC Milan dominate over Juventus.
Meeting of January 10, 2010 in serie A - Juventus 0-3 AC Milan
Meeting of May 15, 2010 in serie A - AC Milan 3-0 Juventus
Meeting October 30, 2010 in serie A - AC Milan 1-2 Juventus
Meeting of March 5, 2011 in serie A - Juventus 0-1 AC Milan

Juventus have started to be careful with the accumulation of cards, because in the next giornata heavy opponents are waiting. Type Juventus now play a more offensive possession and ball control, very vulnerable to counter-attack, so that these violations often occur. And talking about the physical condition of players, so far the physical condition of players including safe category, none of which exist in the treatment room but Vincenzo Iaquinta, and Paolo De Ceglie who suffered minor injuries, as well as Amauri was exiled to the Primavera team. Talk about Primavera, Fabio Quagliarella Antonio Conte sent to play with the Primavera team in giornata Grosseto to 4 against, and the results Qualiarella scored two goals, getting a penalty and a goal chance which hit the crossbar. Quagliarella down for 90 minutes and already visible injury could be overcome.

Conte possess many options in attack, the condition of Matri, Qualiarella, ADP and Luca Toni, all in a condition ready to play. And for this week's duel duet Matri Conte will install and Vucinic in front, but did not rule Quagliarella also be a starter. For the right wing position, Krasic is likely to be there, while the left wing, Conte prefer Pepe or Giaccherini, and the middle position would be filled duet Pirlo and Marchisio. Position the rear, right-back, have an absolute Lichtsteiner, there is a central defender Chiellini and Barzagli (if it has been fully recovered) even if Barzagli still can not play, Bonucci can be played, at left-back, game Grosso unstable, extremely dangerous, better Conte Paolo De Ceglie lowered. In practice the last few days, Conte kept the 4-2-4 formation.

(Alessandro Del Piero - Juventus -
"There are a lot of rivalry and marks marked my career at Juventus. Some of the more meaningful than others, some more traditional. But, as the height of the fighting is the game against Milan and no one to match. In my first year at Juventus in 1993/1994 season, the Rossoneri won the Scudetto by beating us at the Stadio Delle Alpi. The next year, we put an end to their domination by winning in our own home, which definitely convinced us that we can win the title. Since then, the situation is almost always like that. A game that marked the competition title, in Italy and in Europe.

The new season just started, but I'm sure we'll find the atmosphere on board duel between Juve-Milan. This will be a significant step for both of us, even though it is still too early to determine. Whatever the outcome, is still a long way. This is also the first historic game will we play in our new stadium. We will continue to prepare with focus and concentration for this great meeting. "

(Zlatan Ibrahimovic - AC Milan - La Gazzeta dello Sport)
"That is a very important victory. That was my first goal since injury. I feel fine and hope to be better on Sunday. I play a full and did not feel any problem. On Sunday night there was Juve, my old club. That would be a tough game, but we went to Turin in order to win. "

(Antonio Conte - Coach Juventus - RAI Sport)
"We are not prepared based on things like that or because the player (Ibrahimovic) can look back. We have a benchmark in itself, an identity game, and we will implement it. All we could do is create as much distance as possible with Milan, but we are still growing and they are now grown. "

Given the situation, the club should be able to reap the full 3 points at home, though with a narrow victory. What do you think friends? get ready for our heart will beat hard again this week, certainly not sponsor Juventus?

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