The Results of the Italian League Serie A Lecce vs AC Milan 3-4, Milan 0-3 Left Behind Superior after the First Round !

The Results of the Italian League Serie A Lecce vs AC Milan 3-4, Milan 0-3 Left Behind Superior after the First Round !
Extraordinary. Maybe that's the word that should describe the match between Lecce cons Milan, Sunday (23/10). Coming from behind 0-3, they were able to win 4-3.

Lecce immediately give surprise to Milan in the 4th minute. Grossmuller able to cross from well resolved by Giacomazzi. Goals occur due to poor coordination Milan defense.
Three minutes later, Milan tried to respond. Robinho's free kick was not able to tear the nets Lecce. The 30th minute, Lecce scored again. This time through a penalty by former Milan player, Massimo Oddo. Referee awarded a penalty when Abbiati dropped Corvia in the penalty box.
Milan is not over the shock, they re-pierced. Lecce the 37th minute to increase the advantage with goals scored by Grossmuller. Milan gasped and could not do much until the first half ended. Score 3-0 to survive until the interval.
In the second half, Allegri do some replacement players by including Prince Boateng and Alberto Aquilani. The results are potent. Boateng able to score a goal in the 49th minute. Remarkably, thanks to feed cooked Boateng scored from Aquilani.
Boateng action did not stop there. He scored again in the 54th minute. Boateng fired hard to stab a sharp left Lecce goalkeeper who was escorted by Benassi. Score changed to 3-2.
Incredible. Back Boateng scored his third goal in this match. He scored his third goal in the 63rd minute. It became the fastest hat-trick in the history of Serie A. Boateng new entry as a substitute in the second round.
Milan continued to attack because they were above the wind after the position to be able to equalize 3-3. Continued to attack, Milan have scored the fourth through Mario Yepes in the 83rd minute corner kick advantage of bait taken by the Cassano.
Score 4-3 to survive until the end.

The composition of players:
Lecce: Benassi; Oddo, Tomovic, Esposito, Mesbah; Obodo, Strasser, Giacomazzi; Cuadrado (Ofere 81 '), Grossmuller, (Bertolacci 59') Corvia (Giandonato 73 ').

AC Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta, Yepes, Antonini; Ambrosini (Aquilani 46 '), van Bommel, Nocerino; Robinho (Boateng 46'); Ibrahimovic, Cassano (El Shaarawy 89 ').

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