Red-White Tembus Big Three

Six gold medals which Indonesia achieved on the eighth day in 2009 Laos Southeast Asian Games bring Indonesia into the ranks of three standings.

Athletics back to Indonesia because of the gold mines of gold medals won Suryo Agung Wibowo, Dedeh Erawati, and Jauhari Johan. The rest came from a branch of wushu, archery, and diving or swimming fin.

Donations one gold medal won in the archery recurve team reinforced daughter Novia Nuraini, Ika Yuli Rahmawati, and Rina Dewi Puspita Sari. Reaching a total of 190 points, winning five points of the Singapore team, Novia and his friends become the best and the right won gold. "We are grateful to reach the gold. Although we hope to see Malaysia but we managed to beat Singapore," said Rina, Wednesday (16/12).

Of wushu, Aldy Lukman offered gold in men Changquan number. In the final round, beating athletes Aldy Malaysia, Ang Eng Chong, with the difference in value of only 0.02. Aldy collect the highest value of 19.39 and is entitled to a gold medal.

Last gold medal athlete dedicated Margaretha Herawati fin swimming down the number bi-fins 100 meters daughter. He became the fastest time with a record 51.55 seconds, followed by two swimmers Thailand Kakkanang Prapaisub (52.75 seconds) and Natanong Butthajorn (53.19 seconds).

With a pretty good achievement this time, the Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Mallarangeng optimistic Indonesia successful hit the target. "I'm sure the athletes will fight tooth and nail.'s Why I'm optimistic we were ranked third, although this is not easy," said Andi.

Red and White teams have at least a golden opportunity to reach more than a few branches. Tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball will definitely dedicate three gold medals. The rest can be expected from the martial art, wrestling, athletics, indoor volleyball, judo, and wushu.

"We believe gold could reach 10 again so we can stay in third position. Malaysia and Singapore are stagnant and not possible to add a medal," said Coordinator of 11 branches in 2009 SEA Games Madju Daryanto Hutapea.

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