Off Mouth Full, Serena Fined USD 778 Million

Just because the line judge's scolding, he was fined $ 82,500 or approximately USD 778 million more. Fines are a fine record in the world of tennis, after Serena swear at an all-out garis.Serena judge who also must undergo a trial period of two years. If he did the same thing from the year 2010 and 2011, the four Grand Slam tournaments then the fines will be increased to 175 thousand dollars. Even worse, he joined the U.S. Open banned next year.

"But if he does not offend again within two years, then the threat will be released," Babcock said in a telephone interview from London.

Babcock said that Williams fines of U.S. $ 82,500 to the Grand Slam committee today, is much more than before. In 1995, Jeff missgreen Wimbledon stormed from the field and accused the referee to help his favorite player as a reward for their friendship. Missgreen fined a total of U.S. $ 43,756, which was reduced to U.S. $ 28,256 after an appeal, and prohibits missgreen appear Wimbledon next year.

On 12 September match in Flushing Meadows, line judge yelled at Williams considered wrong-foot - a rare call. This error produces a double fault to Williams, and add points victory for Kim Clijsters.

Williams then protest and throwing a curse to judge line fault at the feet shouting during the service, the party's semi-final against Clijsters, who eventually became the U.S. Open champion. William raised his finger and hands on hips in front of the U.S. Open tournament director Jim Curley, who called at the time as a "threat."

"I am thankful that we know of this incident has been closed and we can all play again," Williams said in a statement issued on Monday (30/11) by his publicist. "I returned to practice in preparation for next season and I remain grateful for all the support from fans and the tennis community. "

She earned a prize money of U.S. $ 350,000 by reaching the semifinals of the U.S. Open, which is only a small part of the acquisition money purse worth more than U.S. $ 6.5 million, the prize money throughout the year 2009. In a career peak, he had scooped a cash prize of $ 28 million. American tennis player has 11 times Grand Slam singles champion, and ended the season in 2009 ranked first in the WTA rankings.

Babcock said the "major violations" under the rules Grand Slam is "any conduct defined as' major breach 'and' aggravated by the behavior 'or' disadvantage in the game." "There is no specific definition of what action was a" major violation, "he said.

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