Private Totti Hacker Attacked

Launched new one-week, personal websites Roma captain Francesco Totti directly attacked by hackers. Attacks that try to disable the website successfully thwarted. site was attacked on Tuesday (1 / 12) around 11:00 o'clock in the afternoon, after the visitors had reached more than 73,000 people. Administror According to the website, those who attacked it tries to disable Totti website.

"Approximately (attack) yesterday around 11:00," the information in those sites. "We have surpassed 73,000 unique visitors."

"But one idiot had tried to attack him through the technology, which tries to disable the website." "Fortunately, preventive measures immediately activated, and the attack was stopped," wrote the website.

"Nothing can stop Giallorosso star, both in the field or through online," said node information at the website. launched for Totti fan who wanted to know info and developments that Roma captain.

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