Iverson Plan Retreat from the NBA League

Cast guard "NBA All-Star Allen Iverson planned to withdraw from the league, the NBA, so revealed his close friend who is also a basketball observers.

Stephen A. Smith, who worked as a sports reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer team when Iverson played in the Philadelphia 76ers, said the withdrawal plan was a player in its homepage (, Wednesday.
"I declare that I am planning to resign from the National Bakset Football Association (NBA)," Iverson said, as quoted in the page."I always thought when I left the field that I can no longer help my team as I usually do. But that's not why," he said."I'm still very in love with the game, I still want to play on. I was still able to play at a higher level," he said.34-year-old player, one of the most powerful players in the NBA competition, playing only in three action with the Memphis Grizzlies this season, before requesting a stop earlier this month. He released his team 10 days later, on November 17.

Iverson, the NBA's best player in 2001, played with the Detroit Pistons last season before becoming a player free. He previously played with the Philadelphia 76ers for 10 years before joining the Denver Nuggets during the 2006-2007 season.Most printers player numbers for the NBA had four times the average 27 points and 3.7 rebounds in 889 games spread in 13 seasons and over 24,020 points to make curry. "With the competition out of the game, so I have a lot of time with my wife and my children," he said as written in the pages Smith."I pray to get spare time after all this time continued to play in the field. This is the greatest gift for me. I have enjoyed 13 wonderful season game in my career. I was amazed," he said.

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Firex Santos said...

greet article gan... keep posting... nicely...

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captain said...

i think Iverson is the one greatest basketball player, it's bad news if he will to retreat.
thanks for share

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