Coming to the Big Match Liverpool vs Manchester United

Coming to the Big Match Liverpool vs Manchester United
Duel Master English Premier League.
Liverpool will host Manchester United at Anfield Stadium on Saturday (10/15/2011) tomorrow. This action is worth mentioning as a great game, because it brings two collectors ever English Premier League title.

Here are the facts match the data that is also called the "North-West Derby":
* Playing on Saturday (15/10/2011) later became the party all 182 since the two clubs first met on April 28, 1894. It was Liverpool ahead with a final score of 2-0.
* MU was still excel with a collection of 71 victories, while the new Liverpool collect 61 victories. In the remaining 50 other games have to settle for a draw kenduanya,
* In three recent trip to Anfield Stadium, Manchester United always go home empty-handed. The last time the victory gained in 2007. When ittu mere puppet Carlos Tevez goal lead MU gain victory.
* This season Chelsea finished first visit to Anfield with the status of winning 19 times Premier League champions. Raihan's past record of Liverpool who collected 18 titles. As for Liverpool is to be first met MU since purchased by John W. Henry.
* Kenny Daglish was never lost in the last five games against Manchester United at Liverpool's Anfield Stadium. This victory also include Saal beat Manchester United in his first year with Sir Alex Ferguson in 1986.
* Ryan Giggs became the most players appear in the "North West Derby" with 41 times. Giggs is also at once become the oldest player to compete with the age of 37 years.
* If sent as a starter, this game will be the first time Steven Gerrard appears from the minutes beginning with the Reds this season after recovering from a groin injury. Uniquely, it also acquired Gerrard injury while playing against Manchester United last March.
* Wayne Rooney last scored a goal at the Stadium Anfiled on 3 March 2007. It was Manchester United winning over host the final score 0-1
* Meeting the two rarely end in a draw. Score draw last occurred 18 September 2005 while competing at Anfield Stadium.
* Nemanja Vidic often become prisoners when met Liverpool. Of the last four meetings, four times Vidic should also receive a red card.
* Dirk Kuyt becomes a threat to Manchester United after the last match Liverpool scooped three goals that made MU comply with the final score 3-1.

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