AC Milan Glorie beat Indonesia All Star Legends 5-1

AC Milan Glorie beat Indonesia All Star Legends 5-1
AC Milan Glorie reinforced the legend Rosonerri still able to demonstrate its quality as a footballer. They were able to beat Indonesia All Star Legends 5-1, Sunday (4 / 9) at the Bung Karno Stadium.
Shown with some famous names such as Dida, Franco Baresi, Alessandro Costacurta to Jean-Pierre Papin relatively advanced age, their abilities are still incredible. Since the early minutes of their immediate pressing defense Indonesia All Star Legends are fronted by several names such as Hendro Kartiko, Aji Santoso, Rochi Putiray, Ricky Yakobi to the Milky Way.
Does not take long for AC Milan Glorie to score. Serginho was able to tear the goal nets Indonesia after using the ball gag in front of goal Hendro Kartiko.

Although Indonesia All Star Legends seem able to offset the game, the inherent quality in the squad AC Milan Glorie can not be covered.
AC Milan Glorie again able to score his second goal with a header Serginho. Serginho has become the second goal in the match to help victims of natural disasters.
Indonesia All Star Legends is not without opportunities. Several times the kick and the Milky Way Rochi Putiray successfully released into the goalkeeper Dida. Unfortunately, no one has their kick towards goal. Pretty impressive appearance shown by Gianluigi Lentini in the first half of this. The player who carried off from Turin and Milan became the most expensive ever was still able to show movement through the step-over Charis Yulianto and Jaya Hartono.
Seginho almost scored a hat trick when getting a chance from a free kick. Kick left foot was still able to be driven by Hendro Kartiko.
Finally, Serginho actually scored a hat trick in the final minutes of the first half. The Brazilian completed the feed cooked from Costacurta. 3-0 score lasted until the referee Jimmy Napitupulu blew the whistle the game was over in the first round.
Entering the second half, the tempo of the game takes place mediocre. Indonesian All Stars Legend tries to attack. Opportunity acquired by Kurniawan Dwi Julianto in the 50th minute. Unfortunately, kick the player who nicknamed 'The Skinny' it still could be blocked by Dida.
There was a unique scene where the true Dida was goalkeeper revealed to be an attacker. Not in vain, Brazil's goalkeeper Hendro Kartiko successfully found the net through a header. Previously, hard kick Dida was foiled by Hendro Kartiko. Position as goalkeeper Dida was replaced by Massimo Taibi.
Serginho who was replaced early in the second half, came back into the field. The Brazilian re-test the ability of Hendro Kartiko. Swift kick from outside the box is still able to be intercepted by Hendro Kartiko.
Tonight seems to be owned by Serginho. Agile players were able to beat goalkeeper Hermansyah, who signed to replace Hendro Kartiko mature after receiving feedback from Dida. In addition to scoring, Dida is also capable of providing assists to fellow countryman. Score became 5-0.
Indonesia All Star Legends managed to get a chance to score against Milan Glorie when Rochi Putiray dropped in the penalty box. The referee gave a penalty to Indonesia. Unfortunately, Ponaryo who ran as an executioner failed to carry out their duties properly. Ponaryo able to kick denied by Taibi.
Rochi Putiray have a golden opportunity to score entertainment. Although already one on one with Taibi, Rochi failed to score. Goal that the public eagerly awaited by Indonesia finally created in the 85th minute. Ricky Yakobi is capable of ripping the nets Taibi with half-volley kick quite beautiful. Score became 1-5.
5-1 score lasted until the second half over.

List of Teams:
Indonesia: Hendro Kartiko, Ricky Yacobi, Rochy Puttiray, Ponaryo Astaman, Jaya Hartono, Widodo C. Putro (Kurniawan Dwi Julianto 32 '), Aji Santoso, Milky Way, Aji Santoso (Elly Idris, 24'), Ansyari Lubis (Husaini Fachry 42 '), Yeyen Tumena.

Milan Glorie: Nelson Dida; Roque Junior, Franco Baresi (R. Mussi 36 '), Alessandro Consacurta, Stefano Nava; Gianluigi Lentini, Stefano Erano, Christian Lantignotti, Federico Giunti, Serginho; Jean Pierre Papin

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