2012, 1000 MotoGP Engine Capacity cc

President of the International Motor Racing Federation (FIM) Vito Ippolito agreed with the idea MotoGP engine capacity to 1000 cc. He once argued that it is (1.000cc) will cause a conflict with the World Superbike Championship.

Actually, the idea of using this machine 1.000cc already made by the CEO of Dorna (MotoGP rights holders), Carmelo Ezpeleta, at the beginning of this year. He hoped, 1000 cc engine was beginning to be used in 2012. Modified version of this motor seems to be adopted as long as eligible machinery production. However, it is not compulsory.

Ippolito sure, the transition to the 1000 cc engine will be greeted with a very well by MotoGP teams. The reason is, the change from 990 cc to 800 cc in 2007 failed to bring hope to save money or reduce the motor speed during cornering.

"The team wanted the manufacturer Moto 1000 cc engine, so now is the way," said Ippolito to Motosprint.

"Formula 800 cc not running well because it is approximately the same strength as 990 cc, even when cornering speeds are higher. In addition, the costs are also increasing."

Suddenly, the promoter Superbike Motor Sports Infront reacted first to hear ideas about MotoGP Ezpeleta was 1000 cc in the summer, although Ippolito said that it would remain a clear separation between these two series. According to Ippolito, remain MotoGP motorcycle racing prototype machine.

"The difference is about the homologation rules, homologation of a motor can or not," explains Ippolito. "Discussion begins and ends here. No matter, whether the engine capacity of 1000, 1200, or 750 cc. Dihomologasi GP can not. Therefore, for the distinction is clear, then the engine problem could not be a problem," he added.

Ippolito also believe, MotoGP and Superbike has a different fan. Thus, any regulations issued, fans greeted him happily.

"We are pleased with these two series because of their desire to bring the fans," said Ippolito. "SBK offers the opportunity to race and show the greatness of those who are less talented, while MotoGP is a comprehensive picture of motor racing," he said.

"Therefore, we need both. However, it is important to be preserved is the difference between the two. People who watch the Superbike motorcycle racing just watch yourself. The MotoGP different because people who saw it wanted to see something else.

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